March 1997

Dongguan JinBa micro motor factory is set up to start the processing of micro motor.

November 2003

A successful application of a motor utility model patent has emerged in the industry.

March 2008

It is converted to "Dongguan Jin Ba intelligent Polytron Technologies Inc" and began to develop, produce and sell high-end micro electricity.

From September 2014

The company carries out continuous lean production management, implements 6S management, and promotes the production and management of the company omni-directional.


The two items of "safe small motor" and "high performance permanent magnet motor" are identified as Guangdong high technology products.

March 2016

The R & D is successfully launched, and the DC motor is broken down. The comminution effect is increased by 70%, the life of the motor is increased by 30%, and the speed is 20000 /min, which is 2 times the common motor. The product is mainly applied to soya bean milk machine, which opens the era of "no slag" in soymilk.

June 2016

The founding conference was held and the company was converted to "Guangdong Jin Ba intelligent Polytron Technologies Inc".

June 2016

The Fenggang government commended the first 10 private enterprises of the main business income of the year 2015.

October 2016

It is honored as a high and new enterprise by honor.

November 2016

It was honored as a multiplier enterprise in Dongguan.